Glovebox Installation Instructions


Position pattern and spray glue to dash panel.   Drill mounting holes marked on pattern using 1/8" drill bit.   Cut out glovebox hole with jig-saw. Use a fine toothed metal blade.   Cut as accurate as possible to line.This will be your glovebox opening.
Install mounting screws and tighten nuts.   Spray glue foam pad to dash panel.   Trim foam flush to dash panel and glovebox hole.   Gently sand high spots from screws heads with sanding block.
Spray glue vinyl dash covering to dash panel.   Glue edges of dash panel and around glovebox door opening.   Cut and trim excess vinyl.   Cut vinyl from around nuts and bolts.
Now you are ready to install your glovebox.   Slip fully assembled glovebox over mounting pins and fasten with nuts and washers.   Now the dash is ready to be installed.